TiMOTION Makes Sit-Stand Desks Truly Flexible

TiMOTION’s Ergo Motion Line makes this vital piece of office furniture customizable and more user-friendly.

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Most office-goers today know that sedentary work poses one of the biggest risks to their health. So it’s no surprise that the sit-stand desk has become one of the most important features of a healthy and productive office. In terms of design, however, this vital product has always been challenging because its standard appearance doesn’t lend itself to creative office layouts. Now TiMOTION has developed a truly adaptable solution to open up possibilities for designers and office planners, while keeping employees happy and healthy.

TiMOTION is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of height adjustable desk kits. They offer several different models of workstations, ranging from single column to multi-column frames, allowing for individual adjustable desks as well as large adjustable conference tables.

The TEK01 is TiMOTION’s flagship model. It comes standard with two lifting columns, but can be customized to include a third to transform into a corner or meeting desk. In fact, TiMOTION’s Ergo Motion line is completely customizable. You can select every feature of the desk: the color, the column shape, the feet style, the handset design, and much more.

For example, in the TEK01 model pictured above, the height adjustable lifting columns are cylindrical with no visible screws or holes, giving the frame a clean, sleek look. In addition, the feet have rounded edges to match the style of the columns.

These aesthetic choices are combined with some formidable smart features. TiMOTION’s height adjustable workstations include “T-touch,” a patented anti-collision gyro-sensor technology. The sensor can detect when the desk surface collides with an object, if the desk legs are out of sync, or if the desk shifts during operation. In any of these situations, the T-touch will send a command to the control box to stop and reverse the raising or lowering of the desk.

Another key technological component of TiMOTION’s ergonomic office furniture line is the mobile app, Stand Up PLS. This app enhances the user’s experience with their sit-stand desks, by remembering their favored height positions, sending them reminders to alternate between sitting and standing, and keeping track of the number of calories they have burned throughout the day.

On top of all these features, these desks are far less cumbersome than conventional sit-stands. TiMOTION has patented its preassembled packaging, which means that the frame of the desk takes minimal time and effort to assemble. All it takes is one Allen wrench, a few screws, and about ten minutes to successfully assemble this height adjustable workstation.

For more information on the Ergo Motion line, visit the website.

If you will be attending Neocon this year, make sure to stop by TiMOTION’s booth: 7-2140.

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