Not Your Typical Paper Lantern

We’ve been following the Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg since it released its first collection in 2008–and, in 2009, we wrote about the Stockholm design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune‘s experiments crafting furniture from a new material called DuraPulp–so, naturally, we were intrigued to learn just now that Wästberg and CKR have teamed up to produce a task lamp using this durable paper-pulp composite. Called w101 (catchy!), the lamp is made of DuraPulp on a cast-iron base with a five-watt LED. “Paper has been used throughout history for making lamp shades,” the manufacturer’s founder and CEO, Magnus Wästberg, said in a press release. “Now we are using paper for the actual structure of the fixture adding advanced LED technology.” Indeed. The company officially launches w101 in Milan next week; here’s a bigger image of the (origami-influenced?) design:

A Lamp Made From a Hamster’s Ovary?

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