3form’s New Products Listen to Designers and Speak to Spaces

Intended for open offices, three new products from 3form use state-of-the-art materials and commit to customizability to offer the right solution for any design challenge.

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3form’s new offerings cater to the myriad of needs in the contemporary office—creativity, productivity and functionality.

Three new products from 3form display the company’s commitment to using cutting edge materials in the service of designing high-performing environments. ILTUO, Divy, and Profile serve widely different functions in the contemporary open-office, but with their customizability and attention to designers’ multifaceted and evolving needs, they work to create cohesive and comfortably functional workspaces.

ILTUO is a partition system named for its five possible configurations: it can be set up as a simple  I, as an L with two walls, as a T with two or three workstations, as a U with three walls, or as an O to enclose a room. Aimed at cutting down distractions without sacrificing open-office design, the system brings in natural light and limits noise by combining 3form’s Varia resin, and their Sola Felt. Both materials are made of the same recycled resin, but where Sola is spun like cotton candy into a plush, durable material, Varia is a translucent, glassine surface that can be laminated over a biophilic or geometric pattern, and is available in 250 hues.

ILTUO provides acoustic solutions while being versatile, easy to configure, and aesthetically pleasing.

3form CEO Talley Goodson, says that ILTUO meets a need for more functional workspaces, especially when it comes to acoustics. “Pretty much every launch now we are doing something new with acoustics. And we brought on an acoustician, who is available to our clients to help them configure different acoustical solutions and think about how best to meet their clients’ needs.” A little expert knowledge is helpful, he says: “A lot of our clients recognize acoustics are important, but they don’t know exactly how to solve the problem. Now we have the ability to help them figure out exactly what they need so they can have confidence that it’s going to work at the end of the day.”

In addition to offering Sola Felt panels or “Hush Bars” to mitigate sound, the ILTUO system can be installed with built-lighting, and is compatible with 3form’s line of cutting-edge glass markerboards, which feature a unique matte finish that eliminates the common problem of light bouncing off the marker board and make it hard to read. “It’s the stylish appeal of a glass markerboard without the harsh glare that has made this product so popular, especially with architects”, says Goodson.

3form’s Hush Blocks soften harsh light and sound while the playful geometry provides for a creative work canvas.

The Profile line of textured wall-coverings lend character to a design while mitigating echo.

3form’s Spring launch also includes the Divy Mobile room divider and six new patterns in their popular Profile line of textured wall-covering panels. The new patterns are more distinctly textured than earlier offerings and lend a contemporary look to a reception area or lobby where they help refract sound and mitigate echo. Divy Mobile, which is a portable room divider that can be outfitted with Sola Felt for a .75 NRC rating or with a markerboard, can serve either a noise dampening partition or as the focus of a meeting. The textured felt, is available in a range — from eye-catching geometric patterns to subtle ones that merge in the background that compliment any open-office.

The Divy Mobile collection of freestanding room dividers dampens noise, effectively partitions spaces, and can be outfitted with markerboards.

ILTUO, Divy, and the updated Profile patterns all stem from what Goodson sees as his clients’ desire for spaces that are comprehensively designed. “Our clients want to create an entire environment with a common design language.” He says. Fulfilling that need has led 3form to develop high performing materials, like resin, glass, and felt, and implement them in products that are endlessly customizable so a designer can find just the right thing for any space.

Visit 3-form.com to learn more about their new products.

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