This Textile Collection Expresses Contemporary Work Styles Through Moroccan Inspired Textures

The Nomad Collection by the Arc-Com Design Studio adds tactility, vibrance and character to the workplace and beyond.

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The Nomad Collection by Arc-Com is a fine balance of flexibility, minimalism and vibrance.

The nature of work is changing. A younger, more mobile generation has emerged in the workforce and brings with it a desire for flexibility and minimalism. The impact of the so-called “gig economy” on design trends has inspired the Arc-Com Design Studio to develop the Nomad Collection, a group of contract fabrics that imagines a new visual culture for a contemporary lifestyle that is more fluid.

The Nomad Collection was created through the Arc-Com design team’s exploration and study of the traditions of the Moroccan Berbers, one of the world’s oldest nomadic cultures. Through a study of traditional yarns, weaving techniques, and contract durability characteristics, the Nomad Collection conveys a distinct aesthetic while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Conceived as a solution for the rapidly changing workplace, these fabrics also provide versatility for a range of applications. From hospitality to healthcare, standing up to heavy traffic and wear, the Wanderer, Venture, and Quest patterns from the collection are all bleach cleanable and use resilient fibers and innovative weave structures that meet all of the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) guidelines. The patterns in the collection are highly resistant to abrasion—providing a surprising level of performance, while maintaining the aesthetic of hand embroidery. The collection is primarily specified for upholstery, however, the Journey pattern is also suitable for drapery without additional finishing. This allows for multiple applications of the four-pattern Nomad Collection in one space.

The Nomad Collection has something for every kind of space, mood, function and aesthetic.

The collection’s most notable feature is the highly tactile nature of the fabrics. The carefully selected novelty fibers, such as a heathered acrylic, a chunky boucle, and a unique eyelash yarn, elevate the texture and provide a striking level of detail. In a world that increasingly favors ultra-smooth digital interfaces, this collection offers a thoughtful counterpoint. These specialty materials are intended to enhance the sensory dimension of the surfaces they cover—slowing down the user’s experience and stimulating touch and vision.

The fibers of the collection are an elevated sensory experience with fine details, beautiful colors and soothing tactility.

According to Amanda Eaton, Arc-Com’s Vice President of Design, the chosen materials not only reference their historical origins but distinguish themselves in the crowded market of contract fabrics. “Although the materials are synthetic,” Eaton says, “these particular yarns mimic the look of natural fibers, which adds to the handcrafted feel of the collection while also being designed for longevity.” She also points out that these types of heavy, texture-rich surfaces have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety for the user, adding to their value as a high-performing product.

It is clear that mobility continues to spur innovation in design. Arc-Com’s Nomad Collection is at once responsive to the desires of the moment, as well as indicative of a forward-thinking design process.

The intricate weaving patterns induce a sense of nostalgia while appealing to contemporary sensibilities.

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