With Its Handcrafted, Healthy Materials Approach, BiO Ups the Ante

With its newest line of high-end bath products, Wetstyle set out to combine environmentally sound material with industrial durability.

The Tulip Collection bathtub, featured in Metropolis’ February 2013 issue “Productsphere”

All too often fragility is accepted as part of manufactured luxury goods; the product’s short lifespan considered as luxurious as its disposability. With the recent release of their WETMAR update, WETMAR BiO, Wetstyle set out to combine the purity of environmentally sound material with industrial durability into the foundation of their sumptuous product lines. And as with all their products, WETMAR BiO is produced in the Wetstyle factory in Montreal.

WETMAR BiO craftsmanship includes hand polishing

WETMAR BiO craftsmanship includes surface buffing

Wetstyle’s entire product line now incorporates the updated material including its five new collections, designed to work with the enhancements of WETMAR BiO. To see how, check out the Wetstyle featured storyboard on the Metropolis Pinterest page.

The Be Collection’s BBE 01 Shelf

WETMAR BiO is said to be a thoroughly durable material, keeping replacement costs at bay. Its performance (and slip resistance) in high-usage locations is recommended for in the hospitality, and spa industry, as well as residential.  The non-porous material is resistant to staining and wear; chips and scratches are easily repaired while its thickness also provides a higher rate of heat retention.

The Couture collection bathtub and Frame collection wall-mounted vanity and mirrored cabinet

Wetstyle’s first release of WETMAR in 2002, furthered the development and use of ecologically-based materials in the industry and with a combination of vegetable-based resins and natural mineral stones, eliminated their use of petrochemical-based resins that are used to manufacture nearly all other composite bath fixtures in the industry.

The Glacier collection zero-threshold shower receptors and the Cube wall-mounted shower seat

For more information on Wetstyle’s 2013 product collections or on WETMAR BiO, click here. This post is sponsored by Wetstyle, Inc.

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