BLANCO Brings Science and Style to the Kitchen Sink

A behind the scenes peek at what makes BLANCO sinks beautiful and durable.

A BLANCO DIAMOND™ Low Divide sink in white with ARTONA® faucet shown in white/stainless finish.

All photos courtesy BLANCO.

While the kitchen sink is often considered a strictly utilitarian affair, for the Germany-based manufacturer BLANCO, the humble bowl has, in recent decades, increasingly embraced style. “Color is important to our customers, and we watch granite and stone countertop trends carefully to ensure our sinks will always be the perfect complement to the kitchen,” notes Eric Gundersen, BLANCO’s product manager. “The most important influence on design is ease of use for the consumer,” says Gundersen. “Users’ needs vary greatly, which is why we offer such a diverse family of sinks and accessories.”

And there is more to these functional sculptures than meets the eye. “It begins with the material,” says Gundersen,  describing how the firm creates a new product for one of its collections. While the sinks come in a range of materials, with stainless steel and fireclay among them, it is SILGRANIT®—the company’s patented granite composite—that sets BLANCO sinks apart from the rest.

One of the material’s major technical advances is its nonporous surface, a property that inhibits bacterial growth and makes it highly resistant to scratches, stains, and household solutions. Adds Gundersen, “it can also withstand extremely high heat—up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit—making it a sought after material by consumers and designers alike.”

No less impressive than these sinks’ technical features are the extensive tests performed on them at BLANCO’s manufacturing facilities; everything from traditional food stain resistance tests to steel ball drops to simulate the impact of a heavy pot. While the average BLANCO customer is unlikely to subject their sink to such abuse, the trials ensure the products will last through decades of wear and tear.

By investing in technologically-advanced materials and applying them to these beautifully designed kitchen centerpieces, the brand shows that there’s more to the kitchen sink than mere utility.

BLANCO PRECIS™ Medium Single sink with multi-functional drainer in metallic gray shown with ALTA™ faucet in chrome finish.

A technician at BLANCO’s Toronto Manufacturing Facility removes a newly cast sink from its mold.

Article developed in partnership with BLANCO.

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