Refined Functionality Beyond the Kitchen Sink

Blanco’s new laundry sinks wash it all while looking sleek and stylish.

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Blanco’s stainless steel laundry sinks can handle corrosive detergents, heavy duty laundry and maintain the luster and strength of steel.

Oh, the lowly laundry sink. For decades it has worked tirelessly in basements and back rooms while its celebrity sibling in the kitchen gets all the credit. Over the past few years however, Blanco has introduced a full line of sinks which bring the company’s advanced materials, durability, and style developed for the kitchen into the laundry room.

Around 2009, Blanco began to notice that laundry rooms were being placed in more convenient and prominent positions in the home. As a result, designers, contractors, and homeowners started to demand utility sinks that could integrate seamlessly into a living space while maintaining a high level of durability and functionality. For Blanco, which for over 90 years, has built its reputation on manufacturing quality and innovative materials like Silgranit, making a laundry sink was a natural evolution.

The Liven laundry sink by Blanco is durable, resilient and stylish all at once.

What makes a laundry sink so much different from a kitchen sink? “Laundry sinks should be deeper than a kitchen sink since the functionality is different,” says Christy Emens, Marketing Communications Manager for Blanco. In the kitchen, sinks are the most used fixture and a lot of time is spent leaning over them washing dishes and preparing food. Thus the kitchen sink must be deep enough to be functional but shallow enough (typically 9-10”) to prevent back and joint stress as you work. On the other hand, “laundry rooms tend to be a ‘catch-all’ area for home cleaning needs so sinks should be durable, functional and big enough to serve multiple purposes,” says Emens. For common uses like cleaning, soaking, filling large containers, and even washing pets, Blanco found that a 12” depth was ideal. To handle harsh chemicals and detergents, a resilient, stain resistant material was a must.

Blanco’s IKON sink adds a touch of modernity to this farmhouse’s laundry room.

It was fitting then that Blanco launched its laundry collection in 18-gauge stainless steel with the Essential sink. This over-mount sink is ideal for drop in applications in lower-end, precut countertops. However, as homeowners increasingly sought to upgrade their laundry rooms, Blanco added two more stainless sinks— the rounded Stellar and rectangular Quatrus— both under-mounted so they can work with stone or granite surfaces. Blanco introduced Liven, the fourth and latest laundry sink in the collection, in Silgranit, their proprietary scratch and stain resistant granite composite material. Liven can be under-mounted or over-mounted, is available in 9 colors (including BLANCO’s latest concrete gray), and offers a space saving basket for holding brushes and sponges.

The Liven sink with the Artona faucet adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise neglected space.

To celebrate the launch of Liven, Blanco challenged a group of four DIY bloggers to give their laundry rooms a makeover in 30 days centered around the sleek new sink. Equipped with Liven and the Artona faucet, the bloggers transformed their once neglected utility rooms into refreshing, modern, even luxurious spaces. Since then, the company has collaborated with more DIYers who have found that Blanco’s products can also make an enormous difference in their utility spaces. “It makes our laundry room feel sophisticated and actually makes me enjoy washing things,” says Bre Bertolini of the BrePurposed blog who used an IKON farmhouse sink to transform her dated laundry room into a refined and highly functional space.

Blanco’s commitment to modern design and robust materials pairs seamlessly with any designer’s vision, even in the laundry room.

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