The Functional Minimalism of System 1224

With clean, unobtrusive designs, System 1224 from B&N Industries offers endless solutions for organization and display.

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In this workplace, System 1224 from B+N Industries unlocks the potential of perimeter wall space for storage and workstations. Courtesy B+N Industries

In a design landscape that’s constantly shifting, designers need options that can work in a variety of aesthetic environments. System 1224, a customizable shelving and cabinet system from B+N Industries provides just the right balance of elegant minimalism and compartmentalized storage to never go out of style. This fully customizable storage solution is a unique system of panels, cabinets, and shelves, that eliminates clutter in retail, residential, and commercial settings alike.

Using B+N’s minimalist aesthetic language, designers can choose from a range of panels and shelves to create weight-bearing walls, adding dual functionality to dividing partitions. System 1224 also can be used to draw people to a space’s perimeter, dividing a room to create safe physical distancing. The system’s fully electrified panels feature hidden wiring and can be used to create illuminated custom lightbox panels, while recessed LED downlighting highlights objects displayed on shelves.


The Coty campus in Calabasas, California Courtesy B+N Industries

“System 1224 provided [our clients] a way to utilize versatile modular units, clean details, and contemporary design allowing their products to present itself on their own,” says Reza Moshiri, managing principal at Moshiri Associates who made extensive use of the system during a redesign of a beauty conglomerate’s 95,000-square-foot space in Southern California.

System 1224’s material palette is as diverse as today’s interiors, with steel, wood, as well as a variety of upholstery options, including sound-absorbing felt, available for panels. Designers can create eye-catching patterns with color arrangements or achieve a Zen-like monochromatic look.

Bn Murad 5 Copy

At a Murad location in Los Angeles, System 1224 all but disappears into the background, highlighting the brand’s own design aesthetic. Courtesy B+N Industries

For Jeremy Moser, owner and founder of MOSER Creative Co-Op, System 1224 proved to be the perfect solution when designing a skincare company’s flagship store in Los Angeles. The store went with a highly customized approach, working with B+N to develop custom features that fit into the wall including custom cabinetry, concealed plumbing, built-in lighting, and even integrated touch-sensitive video screens that would activate when the customer picked up a product. “System 1224 was very flexible and very complimentary to the store itself, which we considered “California Clinical.” Everything in the store was very clean and clinical but also very fun and branded,” reflects Moser.

Attachments, such as wall-facing, perpendicular, and sit-stand desks can be added and adjusted within a 30-inch range. With a fully customizable system and kit-of-parts mentality, System 1224 encourages designers to think big, opening up the possibilities for any interior. For any storage system, the more options the better. That’s what set System 1224 apart, says Moser, “It was adaptable to our needs.”


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