Power Your Furniture with Architectural Hardware

These accessories and hardware from Doug Mockett make technology seem cable-free.

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The WM16 Mockett Cable Manager adds an edge to workstation aesthetics while removing clutter.

In the twenty first century, technology is an indispensable facilitator of all forms of work and as a result, all types of workplaces. Every space now makes unique demands in terms of how power or data need to be accessed and utilized, and this needs to be seamlessly integrated into the interior design.

“While our industry is used to incorporating technologies in our workspaces and furniture, I think we are still in the infancy stage of this revolution,” says designer Brad Ascalon, who specializes in furniture for the contract, hospitality and residential markets as well as lighting, packaging and other consumer products. “The next phase will require our technology—both computing and supporting power and management, to disappear in order to work seamlessly on both a functional and visual level.”

PCS62B/USB Flush Power Grommet which can be integrated seamlessly into many types of furniture

This is certainly a worthy goal, but the present reality is that continuous disruptions in the tech sector necessitate constant upgrades in infrastructure and hardware. Despite the claims that we live in a wireless world, all office-goers know the tangle of cables and wires under their desks. This not just an aesthetic challenge, but also a functional one for facility managers and IT staff every time they have to carry out maintenance or upgrades.

One solution lies in the finer details of furniture hardware. Doug Mockett provides solutions in cable management and hardware that can be integrated with a wide range of furnishings, from minimalist architectural hardware like power docks and grommets that can be incorporated during the design of a space; to addendums and accessories like under-table cable management systems that can be attached to existing furniture. “Doug Mockett’s accessories and products are versatile and targeted at achieving uncluttered spaces, cleaner aesthetics and more productive work environments,” says Billy Peele, the company’s marketing manager. “This is an essential advantage given infrastructure trends at the workplace are leaning more towards flexibility and versatility.”

– PCS48F Edge Mount Power Dock which provides a movable, retro-fit option for agile and flexible spaces

This attitude of embracing flexibility and integration spans across disciplines and types of spaces; the hospitality sector where guests expect to be connected all the time, healthcare settings where patients and professionals alike rely on digital technologies, education spaces where digital learning is increasingly the norm, and even residences with their smart home systems. All these areas face similar challenges in seamless integration. As Ascalon says, “Just as ergonomics or environmentally sustainable solutions in the products we use are no longer visible or a focus but instead a given and implied, the mechanisms for technology must and will simply exist without drawing attention and disappear over time.”

The MM series offers a luxurious touch to the workstation while managing cables.

While we wait for the world to become truly wireless and cable-free, Doug Mockett very thoughtfully and resourcefully provides for the needs of today— to organize, easily access and conceal the tubes carrying data and power that we depend on so heavily.

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