This Outdoor Furniture Brings Joy Outside

Fermob, an eco-conscious French outdoor furniture manufacturer, is an expert at bringing color and vibrancy to al fresco settings.

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Fermob’s outdoor furniture is not only comfortable, lightweight, and weather resistant but also complements its setting.

A lot is asked of outdoor furniture. It must not only be comfortable, lightweight, and weather resistant but must complement and add to the ambiance of its setting. The permanence and high visibility of outdoor furniture puts a greater onus on the choice of its material, color, finish and texture, which are critical elements that can make or break the design of a space. That is why Fermob, the eco-conscious French manufacturer of furniture and accessories for the outdoors has become a color expert over the past several decades, launching new hues each year.

Fermob puts a lot of thought, research and expertise in launching new hues each year — every color in the palette complementing one another and the outdoors.

Fermob has changed the rules, bringing rich colors and diverse forms to a market that was formerly drab and uninspired. Their ever growing palette of colors are carefully designed to complement one another and bring life to outdoor spaces.

Launched earlier this year, two new shades bring a subtle richness to Fermob’s twenty four color collection. Acapulco Blue is a deep and soothing oceanic hue while Red Ochre is warm and earthen. Both have been carefully designed by the company’s color experts to not only stand alone gracefully but enhance the rest of the color chart, giving clients a variety of possible combinations.

The vibrant hues are inspired by nature and come in a variety of finishes depending on the site, light, function, traffic and setting.

“Fermob’s color strategy includes colors in three groups that harmonize with nature,” says Leslie Thompson, Fermob USA’s COO. “The five hues of green blend with vegetation, the cool blues, greys and whites reflect the water and sky while browns, oranges and reds blend with the colors of the earth.” Finishes range from smooth and glittery to matte and semi-matte and can include particles of gold, silver, or mother of pearl to enhance brilliance.

There is a deep understanding running through the company that developing a color is more than just settling on a hue; it requires a careful balance of particle density, radiance, softness, intensity, and texture. “Regardless of fashion, our colors are designed for longevity and timelessness while never losing sight of our customers unique needs and environments,” says Marion Bouvet, Fermob’s head of visual identity. Like the rest of the team, Bouvet views the color chart as a constant work in progress, eschewing trends in favor of an ability to offer clients well rounded options for pairing their products together in any type of space.

Fermob’s rich colors are designed for longevity and timelessness.

To make this happen, Fermob runs one of Europe’s most efficient and eco-friendly paint lines at their facility in Thoissey, just north of Lyon, France. During the 22-stage process, products are electrostatically powder coated with solvent-free paint then oven dried, a delicate procedure which leaves them protected from humidity and sunlight, losing none of their intensity over time. By fully recycling the residue, Fermob is able to save eight tons of paint per year.

Fermob’s bold colors and endearing French designs embody joie de vivre, the spirit of exultation in every detail.

Since 1989 when current CEO Bernard Reybier took control of the company, Fermob has become laser focused on design, collaborating with a diverse group of designers from Terence Conran to Patrick Join. Their extensive portfolio which now includes classic and new furniture, accessories, and lighting, can be found all over the world. Todd Haiman, a New York-based landscape designer appreciates the extensive color options which provide unprecedented flexibility for his company’s clients; “We have at various times matched Fermob’s furniture colors with interior colors of the home, coordinated with flowers and plants, and integrated them with fence or sculpture hues,” he says.

Fermob’s bold colors and endearing French designs embody joie de vivre, the spirit of exultation in every detail, bringing life to the parks and patios they inhabit and the people that use them.

In recent years, Fermob has collaborated with numerous leading designers to create various options — whether it is color, finish, material or customizability.

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