Hasselblad Announces Ambassadors for Design Week

The legendary camera maker has enlisted five designers and editors to test out their latest camera model.

The new Stellar camera sports a sculpted wood handgrip that contrasts with the sleek carbon fibre body. It can take outstanding photographs and shoot quality video without having to worry about F-Stops and focal lengths.

New York Design Week is a time for debuts and launches, for emerging talent and rediscovered classics. But it’s often too much to take in, leaving visitors to reach for the smart phones or point-and-shoot cameras to document a look before quickly moving on to the next stand. For Metropolis editorial director Paul Makovsky, the hundreds, if not thousands of photos he snaps at design fairs are a way to revisit the show after it’s over.

Paul is one of five design ambassadors handpicked by legendary camera maker Hasselblad to document this year’s New York Design Week. The participants, which also include interior designers Amy Lau and Jamie Drake, architect-designer David Rockwell, and furniture designer Tucker Robbins, will each receive a brand new Hasselblad Stellar camera. Their “photo picks” will be featured in the July–August 2014 issue of Metropolis.

Clockwise: Hasselblad design ambassadors David Rockwell, Amy Lau, Jamie Drake, Tucker Robbins, and Paul Makovsky

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