How Are New Material Technologies Freeing up Designers?

Don't miss Metropolis in discussion with Justin Titucci of Evans & Paul about new material and fabrication technologies.

Fabrication technologies have changed how designers approach materials. Whereas in the past, the formal qualities of a material—say wood, marble, or stone—were more or less fixed, designers can now use innovative ways of making and prototyping to transcend these barriers. As Erik Tietz of fabricators Tietz-Baccon says, by working at the interface between material, digital tooling, and machine technologies, designers can find “completely new uses for all of it.” Direct-to-fabrication processes, for example, enable Krista Ninivaggi and her team to quickly mock-up a design at full-scale—an invaluable tool for determining how a material reacts to this or that manipulation, or simply convincing a client of a design when renderings just won’t cut it.

We’ll discuss these exciting new material and building technologies next Tuesday, July 15, at 2 PM, in our Twitterview with Justin Titucci, a project leader and designer at Evans & Paul. The talk will consider, among other things, how a well-known material like DuPont™ Corian® can be worked with in surprising, unexpected ways. We'll also touch on aspects of the Shape the Future Competition, which asks designers to imagine radical applications for Corian's new line of DeepColor solid surfaces. Follow @MetropolisMag and join in on the conversation using the #ShapeTheFuture hashtag. 

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