Natural Choice: Wilsonart Quartz Surfaces Open Up Design Possibilities

With evocative patterns and colors inspired by places of great natural beauty, Wilsonart’s new quartz collection will help designers create immersive experiences.

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Practically impervious, stain-resistant, and scratch resistant, there are many reasons why quartz is such a popular choice for surfaces in both commercial and residential interiors. But the six new Wilsonart Quartz patterns previewed at the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) point to this engineered stone material’s most distinct advantage: It is composed of up to 93% quartz crystals, and through technological advances made in manufacturing the last few years, the colors and patterns can be designed to mimic natural stone structures and coordinate perfectly with different interior styles.

At Wilsonart, the design process for quartz starts with a deep dive into how consumer preferences are being shaped by shifts in society, industry, and culture. “We are always researching and watching the trends around us and across the globe. Most importantly, we experience spaces to get a true sense of material use in today’s trends.” says Natalia Smith, the company’s Design Manager, who helped develop the new set of quartz patterns. “This comprehensive insight allows us to make educated decisions on color, pattern, and styles.”

Wilsonart Quartz Arktos

Arktos is one of the new patterns released this year, and features warm and cool veining on a neutral background.

Last year, Smith and her team discovered two key trends that influenced the development of the new collection. The first is that consumers today are keenly interested in expressing their individuality, but not at the expense of others. Instead, they want to create a sense of community where individuals with similar interests can find common ground and come together. Across different market segments, the Wilsonart team noticed designers and consumers drawing on local art, materials, and colors to create this sense of community.

The second trend, coined “localism”, is the idea that people are motivated by immersive experiences. Customers are seeking out curated spaces to help them celebrate different moments of their lives, whether at home, at work, or elsewhere.

Weaving these two ideas of localism and experience together, the Wilsonart team set out to develop patterns that take full advantage of the material’s natural and organic aesthetic. Each of the six new surfaces draw inspiration from unique geographical locations in North America, and through colors and patterns conjure up the experience of being there. For example, the particulates in the pattern called Grayton Beach resemble white sand from the Florida State Park of the same name, while Enchanted Rock is named for a popular hiking spot in the Texas Hill Country. Upper Wolfjaw, a subtle tone-on-tone pattern, is also a region in the Adirondacks that a Wilsonart team member loves to visit with their family. “Being able to name our quartz designs after places that hold personal memories is all about embracing individuality and building connections to our local communities,” Smith says.

Wilsonart Quartz Enchanted Rock

In the Enchanted Rock pattern, white fractured veining stands out against a charcoal background.

Each pattern incorporates neutral tones that designers love to combine with colorful accessories and accents, while still feeling unique and full of character. By combining the specificity of stone with engineered color combinations, Wilsonart Quartz is intended to be a great design partner that will play well with other materials and elevate the experience of any space. “The goal is always to add personality and interest,” Smith says. “We know that the right mix of textures, color, and materials can accomplish this.”

Wilsonart’s new 2019 Quartz Collection will be available for order this summer.

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