How The Range Turns the Kitchen into the Home’s Social Hub

With today’s kitchen the central gathering space for families and guests alike, the range has become the beating heart of this modern hearth.

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Gone are the days when the kitchen was a back-of-the-house space where meals were made quietly and mess was hidden from guests. Today’s kitchen has become a central gathering space for families and guests alike. It’s the place where friends mingle over appetizers while dinner is prepared, where extended families bustle together during the holidays, and where everyday meals are enjoyed on kitchen islands or in corner nooks.

All of which means that the style and design of kitchens has become ever more important—and, nowhere is this more apparent than in the form and function of the range, the beating heart of this modern hearth. Understanding the need to be equally attentive to both performance and looks, ILVE’s new Pro Series introduces a sleek aesthetic that will appeal to consumers who favor clean lines and desire a professional-grade range. “The ILVE Pro Series flaunts a modern style while encompassing all the most desirable cooking features for the home chef at a sharp price point,” says Melissa Haber, Vice President for EuroChef USA.



Founded in 1952, ILVE has long been known for its handcrafted quality, custom making all of their appliances in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility just outside of Venice, Italy. The Pro Series builds upon the established traditions of the company, while seamlessly integrating a modern aesthetic into the brand’s offerings. Stainless steel and matte graphite colors are intended to harmonize with a minimalist kitchen, along with a streamlined form and understated controls and handles. The Pro Series also allows for a variety of space needs, whether consumers want a more compact size or a larger range; it’s available in standard 36” single and 48” double oven sizes or in exclusive 36” and 40” double oven options.



In addition to its focus on modern aesthetics, ILVE has imbued the Pro Series range with a wide array of professional-grade features, including its patented ILVE brass burners, an integrated, yet fully removable griddle positioned over an oblong fish burner, and a rotisserie accessory included with every range. Another key feature is the triple-pane glass doors, which more effectively insulate the oven and keep the heat trapped inside—allowing for cool touch glass, quicker pre-heats, and optimal energy conservation.


Since ILVE understands that every cook has different needs, the Pro Series also offers a host of different accessories for the ultimate in cooking-style flexibility, such as a barbecue grill, a steamer, a griddle dome cover, a bain-marie, a wok ring, a cast-iron steak pan, and a simmer plate.



ILVE also understands that not all budgets are created equal and wanted to keep the Pro Series more affordable to their customers. With a price point starting at $4,999, the brand has accomplished quite a feat for this caliber of product in the overall market. That, indeed, is ILVE’s intent: to present a chef-quality range with sleek lines and customizable options to the consumer. As Haber says of the new Pro Series, “Expanding ILVE’s line of free-standing ranges gives consumers even more ability to find an appliance to best suit their cooking, design, and budget needs.”


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