The Suited Collection Explores What Professionalism Means Today

Shaw Contract reimagines textiles to drape today’s offices in elegance, sophistication and give them a vibrant edge.

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The Suited collection adds sophisticated formality yet at the same time embraces an atmosphere of ease and welcome to a workplace.

As work culture shifts around a new generation of employees, the office is looking less like Office Space. Today’s workplaces are eschewing traditional hierarchies for a greater emphasis on creating a vibrant community where mixing work with other activities is increasingly becoming the norm. For designers then, it goes without saying that informality and professionalism must be given equal weight when planning the modern workspace.

Suited takes hints of home and infuses them with a sense of history that informs how we work and how we live.

Suited, a new carpet collection from Shaw Contract, reimagines textile conventions to reflect the careful balance of warmth and sophistication that today’s office designs aspire to. As the culture of corporate uniformity and the cookie cutter design solutions it spawned are becoming a thing of the past, employers compete to provide dynamic, welcoming work environments. “Suited is designed in a thoughtful way to capture the tactile softness and sense of place that you feel when you are at home,” says Reesie Duncan, Shaw Contract’s vice president of global design. The designers reinterpreted familiar textiles like houndstooth and plaid by abstracting pattern and scale and developing a more modern color palette. Imbued with a sense of history that goes beyond the simply nostalgic, Suited is richly layered and sartorially refined. “This blending of tradition and modernity creates an aesthetic that is versatile and responds to the growing diversity of the multi-generational workplace,” says Ashley Olson, design manager of Shaw Contract’s Workplace Studio. By blurring the line between boardroom and living room, the collection promises to be the foundation of a relaxed yet dignified atmosphere that many workplaces will find uniquely appealing.

Taking its cues from timeless fabrics, this lushly tactile collection reinterprets them to create an evolving story of pattern and texture.

The collection comprises four modular tile and one broadloom option rendered in updated versions of timeless patterns; jacquard, linen (aforementioned) plaid, and houndstooth. Twelve distinct colorways include eight neutrals that run the spectrum from cool lightness to warm and dark tones. Accents of green, gold and navy, and a classic black and white combination add a distinct but subtle personality to each design. Suited is manufactured from Shaw Contract’s 100% recyclable Eco Solution Q® dyed nylon, tip-sheared to lend a plush, textured feel.The collection is paired with EcoWorx®, a PVC free, Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver backing system which Shaw Contract will reclaim and recycle when it reaches the end of its useful life.

Suited evokes a sense of comfort and belonging in each new space.

In concept, manufacture, and installation Suited is a thorough re-think of the carpet’s role in modern office design, elevating it from afterthought to a reflection of an evolving corporate culture. “Laid-back style and sartorial spirit form the essence of this collection,” says Duncan, “and for forward-thinking organizations seeking spaces that engage and empower, Suited raises the standard for the inspiring modern workplace.”

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