6 Architectural Lighting Systems to Light Up Any Project

SONNEMAN— A Way of Light’s scalable lighting systems offer customizability and geometric creativity at any scale.

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Constellation Ursa 01 900w

Constellation® Ursa  Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light

For over 50 years, designer Robert Sonneman has been pushing the boundaries of what a modern light fixture can be. Founded in 2003, SONNEMAN— A Way of Light has been a well-known leader in the lighting space for nearly two decades.

Though the company is well known for their decorative pieces, they are also embracing the growing need for architectural lighting systems that are fully customizable and scalable, fitting virtually any need. “The most significant impact of a system approach to lighting design is Scalability. Allowing us to respond to the architectural vision with elastic approaches to lighting space,” says Robert Sonneman who founded the brand.

“The technology of electronic illumination has allowed us to rethink and reinvent the approach to lighting and to reimagine the utility, scale and form of lighting applications,” he continues. Six recently launched families of lighting systems developed by the brand exemplify lighting design that is rooted in architectural form and pattern and can be adapted to enhance virtually any space.

Constellation Aquarius 01 900w

Constellation® Aqarius Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light

Constellation® Ursa and Constellation® Aquarius

The Constellation® family is inspired by humankind’s first night light, the stars themselves. Each Constellation® configuration is assembled from LED hubs, connecting arms, and cable ceiling hangers. Each hub is a complete LED engine that illuminates each of its two faces, making myriad unique arrangements of celestially inspired and interconnected lights possible. Aquarius and Ursa are two popular examples from the Constellation® family. Aquarius is a broad constellation of evenly spaced lights in a grid pattern, while Ursa is a more dynamic assemblage that makes an ideal centerpiece in a large space.

Coral Surface 01 900w

Coral Surface Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light

Coral SurfaceTM

Coral SurfaceTM is an organically inspired system in which sculptural forms of bright aluminum or white metal support LED luminaires in a three-lobed unit. Units can be attached to one another to create dramatic designs that appear to flow across the surface of a wall or ceiling.


Cubix 1 900w

CubixTM Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light



Connected by a shared leg on each frame, CubixTM is a modular lighting system that can be scaled up or down to fit virtually any space. With three dimensional frames, it allows lighting designers to play with the vertical as well as horizontal plane. Frames can hold an LED light panel or be left empty, providing versatility in terms of lighting density.

Intervals 01 900w

Intervals® Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light


Intervals® is a linear system of bidirectional lights to create illumination and ambiance. Four-foot and eight-foot sections can be added to one another to cast light onto a longer area, round a corner, or even form zigzag and square shapes. An ideal lighting solution for illuminating a bar, or a row of workstations, Intervals can make use of multiple different options for the down and up lights themselves.

Ola 01 900w


Nearly infinite configurations are possible with Ola’s subtly curved lighting modules. The system’s delicately bowed LED luminaires can be hung from the ceilings in groupings of one, two, or three. They can also be attached end to end, to form a long ribbon, or arranged into hexagon, honeycomb, or more abstract patterns. When suspended high, Ola’s optical acrylic diffusers provide a diffuse illumination, hung low over a work surface they provide good task lighting.

Suspenders 04 900w

Suspenders® Courtesy SONNEMAN—A Way of Light


The Suspenders® system is SONNEMAN’s first and one of the brand’s most open ended. “From my very first system concept of Suspenders® in 1989, I saw the promise of a system approach to modern lighting but was limited by the electrical requirements of the era. The electronics of LEDs changed all of that and provided us with the ability to imagine lighting expansively,” Sonneman explains.

Based around a delicately scaled system of interconnected elements and suspended LED luminaires, Suspenders® can be arranged as individual lighting sculptures or a web of interconnected lights that plays on multiple levels. It’s based on horizontal “Power Bars”, vertical elements called “Hangers,” and a wide variety of decorative and functional LED luminaires that can provide both diffuse and focused light.

The Suspenders® system comes in eight primary configuration categories: truss, freeform, linear, zig zag, tandem, tri-bar, ring, grid, gallery matrix, and wall and surface mounts, within each version hundreds of fully customizable elements make each Suspenders® system as unique as the project it’s designed for.



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