Tailor Fit: The Office Chair That Forms to the Sitter

Spree, a seating line from office furnishing manufacturer Global Total Office, features an innovative flex-form back that protects employees from fatigue.

Not all office chairs are equal. Nor are they as adjustable or virtuously ergonomic as their makers often claim. 

Spree, an innovate seating line from office furnishing manufacturer Global Total Office, isn’t just any other chair. Released last October, Spree offers a range of unique features but its focal point is the optimal back support it provides. “The design was all about the back movement,” says Todd Holderness, vice president of seating for Global. “Due to the unique shape, the contemporary chair design allows for freedom of movement in the back without any shoulder restrictions—whether you are over or under six feet tall.”

Unlike typical office chairs, Spree features a form-fitting lumbar area. By supporting the lower back, the seat helps to reduce fatigue, Holderness says. Users can recline and tilt with ease while keeping their feet firmly on the ground thanks to the design’s “zero lift” function. This helps to maintain proper circulation in the lower extremities throughout the workday.

For these reasons, Spree’s unique design makes it ideal for workstation and other general office applications. Both agile and flexible, the chair moves and bends with ease. The arm adjusts up to four inches in height and rotates up to 30 degrees toward the keyboard. Seat depth is key to maintaining proper back support while allowing users to distribute their weight evenly across the seat whether they are tall or short.

Conceptualized by independent Japanese designer Yasu Nakamura, Spree is functional yet stylish. The series is available in two models: an upholstered or meshed back version. Users can choose from eight mesh color options or use fabric, vinyl or leather for the fully upholstered office seat.

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