On Tap: How the Humble Faucet Became Modern

A clean, geometric twist on a classic fixture brings the faucet into the modern kitchen.

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When marrying flawless function, clean lines and a jolt of sparkle in today’s modern kitchen, sometimes a traditional curved faucet just won’t do. The BLANCO PANERA™ faucet – which recently snagged a 2017 iF Award thanks to its striking, angular silhouette – offers an innovative alternative to the same-old lines of fixtures seen in most other showrooms.

For BLANCO product manager Eric Gundersen, the distinctive, high-performing faucet was conceived to solve a particular problem.



“PANERA was prompted by the tight radius sink trend we are seeing in the market today. Our PRECIS™ and QUATRUS™ sinks have enjoyed much success in recent years, but their design is in stark contrast to the rounded, soft curves of most faucets,” explains Gundersen.

PANERA’s geometric shape was designed to pair radius sinks with the ideal faucet companion. Its cylindrical body and rectangular spout make it a lovely focal point within the heart of the kitchen. The ergonomic pull out spray head features an integrated button that easily converts the hose from a clear water stream to a powerful jet with the flick of a thumb.



“One of the hottest trends in the kitchen environment today is open concept living, where consumers see and interact with family and guests. Because the kitchen blends seamlessly with the living space, designers and consumers demand products that offer great design and style,” notes Gundersen.

Commanding attention from every angle, PANERA’s compact stature – it’s just 11-3/4” high – allows the user to see over the faucet, whereas standard U-shaped kitchen faucets stand about 15”-16” or higher.



“Even the motion of the handle was designed to save space – it moves 100% forward, so you can install PANERA right up against the backsplash,” adds Gundersen, noting that because the faucet is very straight and does not extend behind the central column, it can work equally well with large or small sinks.

With its interior and exterior crafted in durable stainless steel, PANERA was engineered to resist scratches, fingerprints, corrosion and pitting. The faucet also swivels 160°, and has a reduced flow rate for greater water savings. The timeless and resilient PANERA faucet offers a sleek alternative to larger, high arc pull-down fixtures, says Gundersen.



“PANERA is beautiful to look at, and it’s more than tough enough for the demands of today’s modern, hard-working kitchen.”

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