The New Metal that Makes the Perfect Sink

After years of development, BLANCO’s newest sink fuses aerospace engineering with modern aesthetics and traditional forms.

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Farmhouse sinks are more popular than ever. With ample depth, generous sizing, and apron front design, the throwback form has gained much enthusiasm from homeowners. Yet for those seeking a more modern aesthetic, the classic traditional style of most farmhouse sinks doesn’t always fit. Enter BLANCO’s newest sink, the PRECISION® R0 DURINOX® Super Single Bowl with Apron. Pairing the functionality of the farmhouse form with cutting-edge design—made possible by an innovative patented material called DURINOX (patent pending)—the new basin slides perfectly into the sleekest of spaces.



The finished form of the PRECISION R0 looks completely up-to-the-minute. “The farmhouse sink, with its massive distinctive apron, is the archetype. We’re familiar with it from back in grandma’s day,” says Brigitte Ziemann, Head of Design at BLANCO. “With this new sink, we get a modern look that can also be easily combined with minimalist kitchens. And the additional accessories—boards you can insert, draining racks—along with how you can use the large volume for many different activities make the product incredibly functional as well.” Crisp lines, zero-radius seams, and stainless steel come together in an elegant assembly, creating something that’s easy to imagine in any minimalist setting.

DURINOX—an exclusive material developed by BLANCO—drove much of the design. “We spoke a lot about what the customer really needed, which drove us to invent something completely new,” says Mario Laun, Product Manager at BLANCO.


Stainless steel material samples, showing different finish textures.

“We wanted to create a material that’s robust and attractive, with a velvety surface, and a high-level material aesthetic,” says Ziemann. Adapting a technique from the aerospace industry, BLANCO uses a special shot-blasting process to harden the steel and give it its unique matte appearance. The resulting material is twice as hard as standard stainless steel, with a soft luster on its surface.


The stainless steel shot used in the finishing process.

“Though the material is hard, it feels soft, and it’s really warm in comparison with most stainless steel,” explains Mario Laun, product manager at BLANCO.

Due to its special manufacturing process, the new PRECISION R0 DURINOX sink’s velvety-matte finish is scratch resistant and impervious to fingerprints; making it both a practical dream for any hard-working cook and a visual delight for the avid modernist.


Brigitte Ziemann (center), lead designer, BLANCO, discusses a component with her team.

Overall, the new PRECISION R0 DURINOX Super Single Bowl with Apron is an ideal pairing of form and function, thanks to BLANCO’s marriage of engineering and design.

To get a closer look at the DURINOX production process, watch the video below:

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