With Acrovyn, Wall Art Gets a Digital Dimension

Hand-painted murals or vinyl wallpaper rejuvenate what would be dreary backdrops to patient care. A new product makes them pop like never before.

White, sterile walls are typical of hospitals; so to brighten interiors, artists are commissioned to help give facilities a pop of color and personality. Hand-painted murals or vinyl wallpaper rejuvenate what would be austere or even dreary backdrops to patient care. However, these methods do come with their own set of drawbacks.

“In the past, I had art printed on vinyl wall coverings,” says Barbara Eden, an Indiana-based interior designer and project planner. “But, in a project like a hospital, which has a high volume of traffic, this material isn’t always appropriate.”

For one of her recent projects, Eden needed a durable material that would allow her to visually transform a well-trodden, but drab, corridor of Indianapolis’ Riley Hospital for Children. Looking for alternatives, she enlisted the aid of Acrovyn by Design.

Manufactured by Construction Specialties, Inc. (C/S), well known for its award-winning Acrovyn material, Acrovyn by Design is a wall paneling system that combines durability with cutting-edge digital printing technology. The panels can be embedded with high-resolution images, including custom artwork, photos, and logos, without fear of quality loss—a common concern for artists like Walter Knabe, who collaborated with Eden on the Riley project.

Knabe, who created the nature-inspired work for the hospital, says he was able to perfectly digitally reproduce his illustrations with the new product. “Five to six years ago, you had to go through the trouble of creating large digital files the size of your actual project just to retain quality,” says Knabe, who has completed commissioned work for clients such as the Indy 500. “Here, we created a small, expandable file that gave us an opportunity to layer images, giving the murals an awful lot of depth.”

The designs at Pasadena Independent School District’s new Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School incorporated high-resolution digital imagery of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and others into the public corridors. Each image was relevant to the academy’s branding and made wayfinding easier given the school’s large footprint.

Courtesy C/S Acrovyn

To ensure the vision comes to life, artists supply the C/S design support team with custom artwork, photographs, or logos in a high-resolution file, complete with placement specs and elevations. C/S returns a material mock-up for client review and approval, after which production begins.

The high-performance material is suited for a myriad of commercial settings beyond hospitals. In fact, Israel Grinberg opted to use Acrovyn by Design over ceramic tile for a new career and technical high school in Houston. For him, the decision came down to economics. “Tile can be expensive and a slow process,” says Grinberg, a project manager with the Pasadena Independent School District, who worked with the graphic wall protection for the first time last August. “With schools you have to look at the lifecycle and cost of a product and Acrovyn by Design seemed like it would last a long time.”

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