Why Corrosion Resistant Glass is a Must for Your Next Project

When the Audubon Country Club needed glass that would last, the choice was clear.

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The coating on each panel of Luxclear® Protect fuses with the glass, permanently sealing the surface. A well-maintained Luxclear Protect panel will look like new for the entirety of its 20-year lifespan. Image courtesy of AGC Glass


All too often glass panels in wet and high-wear environments, such as bathrooms and spas, quickly lose their luster. No matter how stylish the glass, a cocktail of hard water, heat, and humidity creates contaminants that leave their mark; corroding, ageing and weakening surfaces.

When management at the Audubon Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky decided the shower doors in their locker rooms needed a revamp, they knew they had to avoid these pitfalls. Luckily, they knew exactly who to turn to for help. Greg Abrams has been a member of the club for eight years. He’s also the founder and CEO of local glass fabrication firm 310 Tempering.

“Greg said he knew what we needed, and the club placed our trust in him,” says the club’s maintenance director Bill Fugit. “We had this wavy frosted glass that looked like it was straight from the 1960s. It was very generic and commercial. For the refurbishment, we wanted something really high class: richer and more attractive and with club branding in plain sight.”


Abrams’ suggestion was to use Luxclear® Protect, a type of glass specifically designed by manufacturer AGC Glass North America to withstand the perils of hard water, staining, and corrosion. Coating on each panel fuses with the glass, permanently sealing the surface so that it is always protected and extremely easy to clean (a well-maintained Luxclear Protect panel will look like new for the entirety of its 20-year lifespan.)

With the aid of hand-crafted molds, Abrams and his team created a series of elegantly embossed doors, which – even with complex tactile surface – are a cinch to clean.

“The feedback from the members has been really wonderful,” says Abrams. “The club has been a big part of my life and my family’s life, so it’s been a pleasure to create something beautiful for them, the members, and the staff.


The club’s brand was formed in the glass with a custom, hand-crafted mold. Image courtesy of 310 Tempering.

“Too many commercial operators stray from glass because they don’t know we have possibilities like this. I think if they saw these locker rooms they’d understand what can be achieved by using something like Luxclear Protect, which for me is the best glass being offered in this industry right now.”

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