Why Tile Transcends Time

National Tile Day celebrates how a timeless material stays relevant year after year.

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Caesar – Core – Ceramics of Italy

Today, beautiful tile finds its way into every room of the home, outdoor spaces, and commercial and industrial buildings by providing an infinite number of aesthetic options through color, texture, and dimension. The durability and energy efficiency of tile adds value, and no material is more sustainable or has lower maintenance costs.

Historically, however, this was not the case—only the wealthy could afford tile in their homes. The expense of handmade or small batch production meant tiles were difficult for the middle class to obtain. That changed with the advent of the industrial revolution. Tile not only became more affordable but the designs and features expanded with new production technologies. Today, tile selection spans a nearly endless variety of finishes, sizes and patterns for any budget—including realistic wood and stone looks that were once unimaginable.

This month, we’ll celebrate tile’s evolution and its impact on architecture and design on National Tile Day, Saturday, February 23. As the largest stone and tile show in North America, Coverings inspires conversations around National Tile Day by collaborating with design influencers who work with tile in their own projects and can speak to the product’s diverse attributes—how it is durable, sustainable, resistant to weathering, low maintenance, energy efficient, and healthy. Coverings is calling on designers, architects and design enthusiasts to share their favorite tile inspirations and tag their photos with #NationalTileDay, #WhyTile, and #Coverings2019 across all social media platforms on February 23.

“National Tile Day is a great way bring the online community together to showcase the best of  tile—a material that is not only aesthetically appealing but also incredibly functional,” said Alena Capra, Coverings’ Industry Ambassador and owner of Alena Capra Designs. “Tile is durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting once installed, whether it be on the walls or the floors, indoors or outdoors. On this day, we celebrate the beauty of tile and its infinite uses.”

Why tile has stood the test of time:

Argenta – Powder Lite – Tile of Spain

●      Healthy Spaces

○      Made from natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals, ceramic tile makes one’s home healthy from the floor up.

○      Eco-friendly tile helps clear the air in any room.

Cir – Miami – Ceramics of Italy

●      Endless Style Options

○      From rustic chic to timeless elegance, tile has you covered.

○      Top tile trends for 2019 include: florals and leaves, gauged porcelain tile panels and slabs, patchwork, pattern play, bold blues, and patterned wood looks.

Florida Tile – Divinity Hexagon Mix – TCNA

●      Easy Care

○      Easy to clean and durable, tile stands up to everyday life.

○      Regardless of application, tile provides a low-maintenance solution for one’s home. Tile can be: stain-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and it can prevent bacterial growth.

ARTO – Brick & Tile California Revival Collection – TCNA

●      Heritage

○      Tile has been a medium of expression for thousands of years, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Those interested in celebrating National Tile Day on Saturday, February 23, can participate on social media using the event’s hashtags (#NationalTileDay, #WhyTile, and #Coverings2019) and can find inspiration online. For more tile inspiration, visit Coverings 2019 which will run April 9-12, 2019, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This year’s show will feature 1,100+ exhibits as well as networking and educational opportunities for attendees to explore the myriad of benefits and applications of the material. Registration is open and at no cost for all design professionals.

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