Bob Berkebile: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Design

Bob Berkebile, one of the founders of LEED, is one of three design pioneers whose ideas have stood the test of time: going from revolutionary to mainstream.

It would be impossible to speak of sustainable architecture in the United States without acknowledging Bob Berkebile. The principal of the architecture firm BNIM has been at the forefront of dragging the profession into environmental consciousness, putting in place the basic policies that architects work with today. Berkebile was involved in the founding of the U.S. Green Building Council and the LEED rating system, establishing powerful new ideals for how our built environment should be conceived. He is now shaping the future of sustainable design through the exacting standards of the Living Building Challenge and new tools like REGEN, a decision-making framework that suggests that in addition to minimizing environmental impact, design should become regenerative.

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