100% Recycled

While ICFF is the place to find shiny new furnishings and accessories, some exhibitors produce the stuff that dreams are made of. The Salt Lake City company 3Form is one of them, and their newest product, 100 Percent, just made dreams a whole lot greener. The material, delivered in 4×8-foot sheets, is composed entirely of post-consumer recycled content. Empty detergent, shampoo, and other everyday bottles are chopped into little bits and then extruded into high-density polyethylene, which is recyclable, too. The color palette is unique to 100 Percent. Whereas most recycled plastic product is a mishmash of whatever winds up in the trash, 3Form carefully culled the trash to create sheets that feature green or orange speckles on a white ground. 3Form’s 250 employees even bring their empty bottles to work to be shipped to the extrusion facility. The $20-per-square-foot resource is also available in a series of neutrals.

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