2005 Next Generation – An Update

Joseph Hagerman, co-winner of the 2005 Metropolis Next Generation® Design Competition for his Biopaver system of interlocking concrete paving blocks, has been selected for the 2005 Rafael Rafael Viñoly Architects (RVA) fellowship. The fellowship, which began in October and will continue until September 2006, will allow Hagerman to work with the principals of RVA to develop the larger ideas behind Biopaver as well as put those ideas into practice. Hagerman, who will have full access to the expertise and resources available at RVA, will share his progress in a series of information presentations to the office.

A graduate student at Columbia University, Hagerman has an ultimate goal for his fellowship. “If I can define civic architecture’s responsibility to the environment as being an active component rather than environmentally neutral, then this opportunity will be successful,” says the young engineer. His research into high performance green architecture is expected to foster an ongoing dialogue at RVA, leading to insights on how the firm—best known for its heroic technical and spatial accomplishments—can incorporate new ideas about green architecture into ongoing and future projects.

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