A Chair Symbolizing Danish Cooperation

The Stuka Chair has a quintessentially Scandinavian look about it: spare and elegant, yet warm and human. Along with an equally elegant extension table, the chair is making its American debut at ICFF and being shown by the House of Copenhagen, a fairly new company founded by Danes Chris and Bodily Jorgensen. These two former techies (he worked for Intel for several years, she for Hewlett Packard) specialize in selling Danish furniture to the American market and represent 16 major Danish manufacturers.

“We approached [the Danish manufacturers] and said, ‘Look at us as your export company,’” says Chris, who serves as the House of Copenhagen vice president of marketing. “In the past, [the companies] often competed with each other so fiercely that they had no real resources left to operate here. We promote them as a group and have created some real synergies.”

* The House of Copenhagen won the 2004 ICFF Editors Award for Kitchen and Bath

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