A Delirious Dining Table

Emmanuel Cobbet says “Delire” translates from French as “delirium or frenzy,” and that’s just the feeling his sleek, surfboard-shaped dining table evokes. A follow-up to the firm’s more linear “DeLight” table, Delire has a brightly dotted surface pattern, the idea for which came from the color blindness test and Smarties candy. “We take our inspirations from fashion, architecture, and our backgrounds in art,” says Cobbet. “We don’t take things too seriously.”

Made of resin, the semi-suspended table is lit from beneath using “flat light” technology. “This lighting technology has not been used widely for the home,” says Cobbet, “but it’s perfect for it, because it doesn’t emit any heat.” Custom made, the Delire table is available in 26 colors.

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