A Granny Flat of One’s Own

Granny flats seem like a logical tool in the quest for affordable housing and the fight against sprawl. I can envision other benefits: One is the enormous potential of the “alley lifestyle” with lots of pedestrian traffic, friendly neighbor interaction, and even micro-businesses operating there. Under current conditions alleys are often scary, untended places where graffiti and crime take place; a more upscale type of “alley living” brings safety along with increased density.

My city, Denver, has frowned upon carriage houses since 1956, even though they have been part of the city’s charming vernacular since the 1860’s. However, the idea has gained traction in the Prospect Neighborhood of Longmont, Colorado and the Stapleton and Lowry neighborhoods of Denver.

Kevin Dickson


I’m 67 years old, my husband died, and the taxes and insurance in Florida are killing me. Thank you for your ideas regarding living alone but also near one’s children—I appreciate it.

Dottie Willis

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