A Trim That Helps Tiles Defy Gravity

By their very nature, suspended ceiling systems float free of a building structure. Many designers exploit this property by leaving their ceilings short of the wall. But then they run into a problem: The blunt edges necessary to conceal the ceiling’s suspension system compromise the overall gravity-defying look.

Armstrong’s Knife Edge Axiom perimeter trim makes suspended panel ceilings appear to elude gravity. The clever design of extruded aluminum allows all the heaviness of the system’s structural members to sit far enough away from the ceiling’s edge to be lost in the darkness of the space beyond.

While the Knife Edge, which will reach markets in October, looks sharp enough from the floor, Armstrong hasn’t overlooked the need for its regular maintenance. Get on a ladder and you’ll be thankful that this trim actually has an edge more akin to a butter-rather than a steak-knife.

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