In Englewood, N.J. in an attempt to minimize the environmental impact of its day to day endeavors, the North American branches of ABET LAMINATI SpA announce the following changes. Beginning in 2008, all vehicles owned by these companies or employees’ vehicles used for company purposes, are required to use hybrid technology. As hydrogen, electric and other technologies are perfected they, too, will be considered. This move is not only a step in the right environmental direction, but will represent a cost savings in fuel as well. We believe ABET Inc./ABET Corp. are the first high pressure laminate companies to make this corporate commitment.

Other environmentally responsible moves by the company include:
• ABET LAMINATI has had a Life Cycle Assessment document available since 1999.
• ABET Inc. is the first laminate company to offer a 100% recycled product (Tefor) for decorative surfacing made from post industrial high pressure laminate waste.
• ABET LAMINATI is the first high pressure laminate producer to offer a laminate (Diafos) with no petroleum or phenolic content.
• ABET LAMINATI SpA owns its own sustainable groves in Piedmonte, Italy to provide renewable wood pulp. We welcome visitors.
• ABET’s Print HPL laminates do not contain asbestos, lead or any other heavy metals and they are all decorated exclusively with paper and clean pigments. Toxicity, out gassing and land use degradation issues are therefore faced head on.

These efforts greatly reduce the company’s environmental footprint. As ABET LAMINATI continues to grow so does its dedication to become as green as nature itself. ABET LAMINATI’s products are available nationally through its U.S. warehouses. For samples visit www.abetlaminati.com or call 800-228-2238.

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