Advocating It: Carlie Bullock-Jones speaks at the Metropolis ICFF 2007 Conference

From the 2007 Metropolis Conference: Design Entrepreneurs: Rethinking Energy
May 21, 2007

Carlie Bullock-Jones is a Sustainable Design Consultant with TVS in Atlanta, guiding multiple clients, consultants, and design teams through green building initiatives and sustainable strategies specific to their projects. She shared her wisdom on creating sustainable interiors at the 2007 Metropolis Conference at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York, where she spoke passionately about the integrated design approach as a primary method of achieving this goal. She was joined by architect Bruce Fowle, chairman of the well-known New York City firm FXFowle, for the question-and-answer session. The transcript of Bullock-Jones’s speech provides specific advice for advocating sustainability in a project and is an inspiration to designers striving to do right by the environment and society.

To download the full transcript in PDF format, click here.

To download the Metropolis CE Participant Exercise for 0.2 credits, click here.

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