Alfresco Textiles

In a giant leap from the backyard patio barbecue, outdoor kitchens of surprising complexity have become a new fetish area for acquisitive homeowners. And as exterior kitchens have begat exterior dining rooms, outdoor dining rooms have sprouted outdoor living rooms. These new spaces necessitate upholstered pieces for the outdoors and are rapidly replacing simple garden furniture of metal or plastic. (If you’re spending that much time outdoors, why do you want to sit on a hard chair?)

Holly Hunt noted a serious lack of textile offerings that make sense with the more elaborate outdoor furniture—the imagery of available goods usually incorporated flamingos or palm trees and generally were stiff and uncomfortable to sit on. The Great Outdoors fabrics fill this gap with patterns, palettes, and textures that mirror the sophistication and versatility of Hunt’s Great Plains textiles. Created with solution-dyed acrylic yarns, the textiles are impervious to damage from moisture or sunlight. Hunt says they’re also ideal for kitchens, baths, and anywhere dampness might be an issue. “They’re not just outdoor fabrics, they’re anywhere fabrics,” she says.

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