And One To Grow On

Kind of like a child herself, the Calla High Chair is a blossoming young design. This new release from Fleurville, by Yves Béhar, is shaped much like its namesake flower. A polycarbonate flute rises from a fine taper that is grounded on a solid aluminum ring with imperceptible wheels. “We feel most high chairs are static, little thrones for princes and princesses,” says Steve Granville, Fleurville’s CEO. “We wanted something more organic, more fluid.” Besides making for a more interesting form, Calla’s almost cantilevered shaping makes for an easier reach between parent and child.

The high chair is also loaded with features, such as an “always-on” braking system (squeeze the backrest handle to release the wheels), a detachable tray that’s dishwasher-safe, and a footrest that swings out of the way. The chair comes with foam cushions in two different sizes, which always ensure a snug fit: Attach the larger cushion when Junior is 4 months old, then replace it with the smaller cushion when he reaches one-year-old size.

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