Announcing the Redesigned Discovering Design Web Site from Herman Miller

The Discovering Design web site has a new look! We decided that the previous front page was beginning to look a little crowded with more and more icons being displayed as we added more and more content. Or as our astute editor so aptly noted, “It’s starting to look like a used furniture showroom!” So since we intend to keep adding more and more content with every update we asked our talented designers (BBK Studio of Grand Rapids MI) to come up with a new solution that would still give you easy front page access to all of the content nodes contained within the site and also still be “fun.” And we think the new carousel design is just what the doctor ordered!

The first thing you’ll see on the site is a new opening “blurb” explaining the purpose of our site. Once you click on that page you’ll be on the Carousel Page and can begin to spin the three wheels of icons – People, Places and Ideas, and Products. Clicking on any of the icons will stop the carousel and link you to information about that subject and all related links to that subject will be indicated by red lines. At the bottom of each node page will also be icons of the
related links.

There are lots of new nodes of information and some new functionality features as well. The most exciting one is the ability to bring you video clips throughout the site. Go to either the 50 Years Ago Today node or the Eames Lounge Chair node and click on Video. This one is of the 1956 introduction of the Eames Lounge Chair featuring Charles and Ray Eames on the Home Show hosted by Arlene Francis. This clip is a real treasure!

We hope you find this new version just as informative and fun as our previous one which was also very popular. Our goal is to keep you coming back for more!

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