Bamboo Simplicity

Modernlink introduced their line of environmentally friendly eco-sensitive bamboo furniture last year with designs for a few tables and a desk. Not only were the designs good for the trees, they were good for the minimalist in all of us, incorporating hidden drawers, secret file pockets, and invisible accoutrements. The bed, finished three weeks ago, is Modernlink’s biggest piece yet and their biggest design struggle to date. “The hard part about the bed was figuring out how to do something collapsible and adjustable for different mattress heights,” says William Lee of Modernlink. The solution was to use solid bamboo and a minimum of hardware. Lee promises it takes only five minutes for two people to assemble the bed, which maintains structural integrity thanks to a large metal bracket in the headboard and bamboo slats underneath the mattress. A hidden drawer slides out from underneath, and the bedside table section comes in four possible heights. The bed costs $6,000 and is available at the Modernlink showroom in New York City.

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