Beautiful Things from the Italians

Gong is a large translucent ruby globe by Italian designer Marco Solzi, debuting for Solzi Luce.

RSVP’s new Akasma tray and centerpieces were designed by ICFF Best Accessories winner, Satyendra Pakhalé. The sea-blue glass plays with the appearances of the material: All of the Akasmas have open seams down each side that make the pieces resemble plastic while the looping handles look like those on a basket.

Axolo’s glass sink has the cool greenish tinge of a thick slab of glass—the elemental equivalent of filet mignon. Designed by Irene Spreafico, the sinks allow light to pass through the trough to make sinuous shadows out of running water.

Another new beauty: three-dimensional, revolving mirrors that spin on their axes (stems made of nickel-plated metal) with mirrored flanks a few inches wide. Designers at Marcus Sandler & Partners imbued them with a feeling of luxury.