Behind the Cover- July

The alternate cover, pictured above.

“Some ideas come and go, others just won’t go away,” associate art director Dungjai Pungauthaikan says about the design of this month’s cover.

“For quite some time, we’d been toying with the imagery produced by the geometric reflections seen in kaleidoscopes. But the visual language never synched up with our editorial content. Then along came Bucky Fuller, this month’s featured visionary. His stunning use of geometry was the perfect match for the kaleidoscopic idea. However, by the fourth computer crash-caused by the large file size-we were wondering why we didn’t stick to our first, beau- tifully simple concept for ‘Nesting in Tokyo.’ We went back and fourth between the Toyko and Fuller covers, but the headline ‘The Sustainable Dreamer’ helped crystalize the kaleidoscopic image and sealed the deal.”

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