Big Moon Rising

Though many companies have started producing affordable but high-quality design for general consumers, few have done so with children in mind.

“There is no children’s furniture in the middle,” says Roberto Gil, designer for Big Moon Furniture. “It’s all either crap from China or very high-end expensive design. It’s frustrating.”

Based in Southern Brazil, the company makes sturdy, functional, colorful chairs, tables, and desks that American parents would appreciate. Unfortunately, says Gil, it’s hard to find distributors here. The kid’s market is conservative, and distributors are afraid to try something new.

“But this category is growing,” Gil says. “I live in Brooklyn and have contact with parents who want to contract for nice furniture for their kids, and are willing to spend a lot of money on custom pieces. Imagine how many more people there must be out there who would buy a more affordable, ready-to-assemble version.”

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