Celestial Lighting

“The concept was to capture the balance and the beauty of the curves of the traditional chandelier, without the weight,” JGoodDesign founder Jeff Goodman says of his newest work, the $5,135 Astral Chandelier. Three mouth-blown glass tubes, suspended by steel cable, overlap one another. Each tube terminates in a halogen point. The pale waves are reminiscent of the sine curves of a traditional Marie Therese chandelier, with none of the bulky ornament. Astral is currently in prototyping stage—“the challenge is the length and the symmetry, to get the glass to behave” Goodman notes. “As you stretch glass out, the temperature doesn’t stay consistent.” It will be available for sale later this summer.

**Side Note: While you’re at the booth, be sure to look beyond the light at the wall panels designed by fellow Brooklynites Tracey Blaser and David Gardiner of Field Decorative Finishes. The rippled, almost corrugated-metal finish is a graphite aluminum powder glaze on top of Venetian plaster. “The typical Javits wall kind of makes work look mediocre,” Goodman says.

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