Chicago eats for 25 years!

In 1981, Metropolis debuted as the Architecture and Design Magazine of New York. Twenty-five years later, after winning international recognition and cultivating a steadily growing readership, it continues to examine contemporary life through all facets of design, everywhere.

To mark this silver anniversary, we have highlighted the Taste of Chicago, the largest food festival in the world, welcoming more than 70 vendors to the table. The first Taste of Chicago lasted for a single day on North Michigan Avenue in 1980. The festival became the event it is known as today—a 10-day gastronomic fête in Grant Park—one year later in 1981, and since then, like Metropolis, has stood the test of time. Here’s to 25 more years of good design and good food!

– Twinkies were invented in Chicago in 1930.

– Watermelons are 97% water.

– The tradition of garnishing a Bloody Mary with a celery stick originated at the Chicago Amabassador East Hotel in the 1960s.

– A statue of Madonna was created by Chicago artist Dwight Kalb using 180 pounds of ham.

– The word “tip” originated as an acronym for “To Insure Promptness.”

– Chicago boasts the world’s largest cookie and cracker factory—Nabisco made 16 billion Oreo cookies here in 1995.

– 250,000 people attended the first Taste of Chicago. More than 3.5 million are expected at this year’s celebration which runs June 30 through July 9.

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