Coloroo: A Colorful Acrylic Chair for Kids

Like a whimsical Chinese puzzle, Jump Designs’ Coloroo is a seat comprised of colorful, one-inch-thick slabs of laminated acrylic. Produced in a limited-edition run of 1,000, the chair—which is emerald green, ruby red, royal blue, lemon yellow, and violet—is available directly from the company. Unlike most acrylic furniture, which is held together by glue, the sections of this chair are slotted together, making it easy to disassemble and move. According to co-designer Dee Talbot, the team decided upon acrylic because it “can be so colorful and we wanted to explore more possibilities for using it. “Wonderful seating for children, the chair can be ordered to correspond to a child’s weight, age, or specific dimensions. A fluorescent version will be available in late summer.

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