Contessa Charms with Curves, Frills

Inspired by the forms of the human body, Teknion’s prototype for the Contessa was a tough seat to get into even during the quieter times at NeoCon. It always seemed as if the hoards needed to rest their weary feet by her side.

Designed by Italians (Di Giugoria Design, known for their automotive work for European carmakers) and engineered in collaboration with a Japanese firm, the Contessa has every bell and whistle that we’ve come to expect from a task chair-even an optional coat rack to keep your jacket away from its ubiquitous fabric back.

But it’s the Contessa’s boney curved backside that gives it its distinctive personality. While the chair won’t be available until October, I’m expecting any day now to see it photographed in front of a Santiago Calatrava building, propped next to a sexy sports car.

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