Cooking Up an Expansion

The news that minimalist Jasper Morrison has developed a line of cookware for Alessi seems unusual, if not perplexing. In the United States “Alessi” calls to mind tiny people, like the little red man steeping your tea or the green one holding your toothbrush—or it evokes architecture turned high-end tea set. But with Morrison’s consumer line Pots&Pans, the 85-year-old Italian company hopes to forge an international reputation much like the one it has at home: as the source for stainless-steel appliances, accessories, and cookware as beautiful as they are functional.

In fact Morrison is no stranger to Alessi. He was first commissioned eight years ago to develop the Tin Family of containers and brings a consistently light touch to the company’s catalog. Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, Pots reflects what vice president Jan Vingerhoets refers to as Morrison’s focus on “necessary forms.” Longer and slimmer handles—which appear at first to be mere styling—reduce heat conduction, ensuring that they are cool to the touch. Morrison has also rescued us from bumbling with towels or mitts when checking on sauces: each lid is outfitted with a Y-shaped handle, allowing the cook to lift it simply by inserting a wooden spoon. When the simmering is done, flared rims enable dribbleless pouring. “Jasper puts all the best features into one pot at a great price,” Vingerhoets says.

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