Craft vs. Technology

I am an architect and studio teacher in a school of architecture in Istanbul. We have had important discussions on the use of new technologies in the presentation of spaces. I feel there is a relationship between new technologies and materials and a new era of culture, similar to the relationship of perspective and geometry to the Renaissance age.

I think most of the resistance of our colleagues comes from their level of ability in the use of these technologies. We are only at the beginning—but with time, the problems of adaptation will be solved.

Yilmaz Kuyumcu

Susan S. Szenasy, Metropolis’s editor in chief responds:

While I agree with your point on technology, we must be careful not to give it more authority than it deserves. Computer technology is our new tool, and we must learn it, adapt it to our work modes, and make a beautiful and sustainable world with it. But let us not forget our need, as a species, to use our hands, to make things, yes, to craft.

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