Crafted by Ikea

For the first time Dutch designer Hella Jongerius’s craft-inflected organic creations are available to the masses. She has designed four large urn-shaped vases called Jonsberg for Ikea’s PS range, available this month. “Normally my work is made in small editions, which gets expensive. I was searching for a way to create something mass-produced while preserving attention to the richness of details,” Jongerius says. “These vases are produced on a large scale, but they are still partially handmade.” All four boast hand embellishments: the terra-cotta clay urn is encircled with painted depressions; the white stoneware one bears a punch pattern recalling Jongerius’s signature needlepoint details. The other two are adorned with premade transfer stickers (real gold-leaf ones on the feldspar porcelain urn). Despite the different material costs, each vase will retail for the same price—more labor is required to finish the clay and stoneware pieces than the porcelain one.

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