Crawl in Jane Jacobs’s Footsteps

Urban design–conscious New Yorkers looking for an excuse to drink–and, really, who isn’t?–should be sure not to miss tomorrow night’s delightful-sounding Jane Jacobs Pub Crawl, hosted by the Congress for New Urbanism. The CNU’s president, John Norquist, and staffers from the organization’s New York and New Jersey chapters will lead preservation-minded carousers on a three-and-a-half hour jaunt from the Standard Grill onto the High Line and then over to the West Village for drinks at the White Horse Tavern and the Rusty Knot. Granted, only the White Horse was an actual Jacobs haunt (the Standard Grill just started drawing crowds last summer, and the Rusty Knot has been open about 18 months), but we think it’s a safe bet that the late urbanologist would approve of anything that gets people talking passionately about her beloved city. Interested parties should RSVP here.

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