Curve Appeal

The architect and interior designer India Mahdavi often commissions custom furnishings for her projects, calling on artisans to help realize interiors that reflect their unique surroundings. So when she asked PSLAB to create light fixtures for the 40-room Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, the Beirut-based firm seized the opportunity to deliver a concept that complements both the storied waterfront site and Mahdavi’s own 1930s-inspired decor.

PSLAB’s fixtures for the public spaces are crafted from pieces that are individually hammered, lacquered, and then assembled in floral arrangements. The scheme for the guest rooms matches Mahdavi’s rounded walls with oval ceiling units and hidden bulbs that cast gentle light. The soft curves undulating throughout the hotel are a reference to the nearby coastline and a testament to months of close collaboration between the two firms. “The process relies enormously on dialogue,” explains PSLAB’s Dimitri Saddi. “And if the dialogue is smooth and open-minded, then you really end up having wonderful results.”

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