Decorative Assemblages

Recent Royal College of Art graduate Catherine Hammerton calls herself a modern-day magpie. She sourced antique papers, fabrics, trims, even trinkets, from all over Europe to create the centerpiece wallpaper in her “Collection” installation at ICFF. Cutouts of birds, floral fabrics, keys, pages of books, and other artifacts are randomly layered on a wallpaper substrate. The result is an accumulation of memories, artfully arranged. “These are images I love, textures I love,” Hammerton says. “It’s me and the paper.” Corresponding pillows are digitally printed, hand-finished, and edged with antique trims. The booth also features Made in England, a wallpaper that’s meant to appear like a formal artifact that has seen centuries of decay. Although Hammerton is branching into “off-the-peg” wallpapers, most of her line is custom installation work, which she prices per square meter.

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