Dyad’s Ori Table

Ori means “folded cloth” or blanket in Japanese, and Douglas Fanning’s new coffee table captures the essence of the fabric, while still retaining a sleek form. The creased corners of the table dip downward, leaving the middle section to fold over the lap, blanketlike. The coffee table can host anything from tea parties to dinner engagements.

“I designed it because I wanted a place for conversation,” says Fanning, who also designed the Metropolis booth at ICFF.

Fanning is showing off a lipstick-red version this weekend, but since he paints them in an auto-body shop they can be ordered in any color. If you’re smart, you’ll encourage Fanning to manufacture the low leather chair he patched together the morning before ICFF opened. He obstinately insists that it is only a prototype.

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