Easy Being Green in the Midwest

Great article. [“Up in Michigan”] Thank you for expanding into the lesser-known geographic areas that do have a big commitment to sustainability, but don’t have the big name like a Portland, OR.

As a Michigan native and someone who works in the sustainability field, I’m proud of what is happening in my state and thank you for the positive picture you painted.

Melissa Vernon
Manager of Sustainable Strategy
LEED Accredited Professional
Interface Flooring Systems


As a Conservative Republican, I’m proud to say that my Haworth dealership was instrumental in making this wonderful facility at WMEAC happen. I think it is unfair to characterize Republicans as anti-environmental. As you pointed out, West Michigan has been the leader in environmental initiatives and most involved are Republican Conservatives. Personally, I’m the first and only dealer principal in Michigan that is LEED accredited. I love the environment and outdoors. In fact, I have a Forestry degree from the University of Washington. I think you’ll find that Conservatives as a whole love the environment and it is the media that has fostered the idea that we’re anti-environmentalists.

Randy DeBoer, LEED AP
Interphase Office Interiors, Inc.